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Explore our story at Hut to Hut Hiking USA, where we merge passion, expertise, and dedicated services to elevate your hiking adventure.

Hey! I'm Klemen, the Manager of Hut to Hut Hiking USA.

Welcome to Hut to Hut Hiking USA.

Our passion for the great outdoors and the European style of hiking has led us on an incredible journey — from establishing a successful hiking company in Europe, serving thousands of satisfied customers, to bringing our cherished hiking experiences to the United States.

Greenleaf Mountain Hut underneath the Summit of Mount Lafayette in the White Mountains of New Hampshire
AMC Hut in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Our mission is clear: to introduce the serene, enriching world of European-style hut-to-hut and inn-to-inn hiking to the vast, varied landscapes of the USA.

We aim to open up a world where the journey itself becomes as rewarding as the destination, making these unique experiences accessible to all, from seasoned hikers to those just beginning to explore the trails.

USA: A Land of Natural Wonders

The United States is a country of extraordinary diversity and natural beauty, from the rugged peaks of the Rockies to the lush forests of Yosemite and the serene sandy shores of California.

defocused Water level view of Hellgate Canyon on the wild and scenic Rogue River
USA is a land of numerous diverse natural treasures

Yet, this stunning environment also presents unique challenges and dangers unfamiliar to many, including remote wilderness areas and unpredictable weather conditions.

Our goal is to safely guide our clients through these natural treasures, providing an immersive experience that respects the beauty and the raw power of the American landscape.

Our Mission

At Hut to Hut Hiking USA, our offerings extend far beyond the trail. We’re committed to ensuring every aspect of your hike is seamless and rewarding.

From meticulously designed tours that match your skill level and interests to the convenience of luggage transfers on our inn-to-inn adventures, we take care of the details so you can immerse yourself in the experience.

Our collaboration with the best local partners is key, enabling us to offer top-notch service and unique local insights, ensuring your adventure is nothing short of exceptional.

Path to the Pacific
With us, you’re safe on every trail

Each hiker receives a personalized travel booklet, filled not just with navigational aids like GPS support but also with local recommendations to enhance your journey.

Coupled with our 24/7 assistance, these services are designed to make the exhilarating world of hut-to-hut hiking accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience level.

Whether it’s your first hike or one of many, we’re here to open new horizons with each step.

Explore the U.S. With Us

Ready to discover the unparalleled beauty of the U.S. through the lens of European-style hiking? Let us be your guide to the trails less traveled.

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Discover the beauty of America with Hut to Hut Hiking USA, offering personalized inn-to-inn and hut-to-hut hiking adventures in iconic locations.
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