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Rogue River Trail

Journey along Oregon's Rogue River Trail for a unique adventure: historic trails, untouched wilderness, raft transfers, and serene lodge evenings await.
Starting point
Finish point
4 days / 3 nights
Tour type
Guided Inn-to-Inn
May - October
Technical level
Uneven trails with bigger rocks, steep sections and exposed terrain. Requires basic hiking experience
Fitness level
Suitable for hikers, who enjoy consecutive long days on a trail
From: 1,890$/person

Walk in the footsteps of early 20th-century miners and homesteaders along the historic Rogue River Trail

Experience the serenity of Oregon’s wilderness, from captivating canyons to lush, fern-filled forests

Revel in the untouched beauty of the Rogue River canyon, preserved and unchanged for over a century

Unwind at wilderness lodges after days of exploration

Witness the dramatic Mule Creek Canyon and the narrow, rushing waters of Staircase Falls

Feel the thrill of navigating the Rogue River’s white waters, an adventure beyond the trail

Aerial view of the upper Rogue River in Southern Oregon

Traverse ancient trails along the Rogue River

defocused Water level view of Hellgate Canyon on the wild and scenic Rogue River

Behold serene canyons from historic pathways

Rafting on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon

Marvel at roaring rapids from tranquil trails

Rogue River area hike

Experience wilderness walks through lush landscapes

The Cave formed by the Rogue River

Walk amidst the whispers of Oregon's tall pines

Or-Rogue River Wilderness-Rogue River Trail-Mule Creek Canyon

Unwind in the embrace of untouched riverbanks

Rogue River wilderness area

Stroll where miners once tread, amidst forest whispers

Rogue River gorge. South Oregon

Savor evenings at lodges deep in the forest heart

Aerial view of the upper Rogue River in Southern Oregon
defocused Water level view of Hellgate Canyon on the wild and scenic Rogue River
Rafting on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon
Rogue River area hike
The Cave formed by the Rogue River
Or-Rogue River Wilderness-Rogue River Trail-Mule Creek Canyon
Rogue River wilderness area
Rogue River gorge. South Oregon


Included in price

3x accommodation with half-board in lodges
Professional hiking guide
Raft-supported luggage transfer
Transfer from Merlin to trailhead
Transfer from Foster Bar to Merlin

What to bring to the tour

Hiking shoes
Sports sandals
2 pair light pants
2 pair shorts
4 comfortable hiking shirts
Small Hydration pack or backpack with 1 liter water bottle
Waterproof sunscreen
Bug spray
Fleece jacket or sweatshirt
Soap specifically designed to remove Poison Oak
Travel size shampoo and conditioner

The Rogue River Trail presents a remarkable opportunity to immerse yourself in the serene and therapeutic environment of Oregon’s wilderness.

This meticulously guided tour spans four enriching days, each filled with unparalleled natural beauty, historical insights, and the comforting amenities of wilderness lodges.

Crafted in the early 20th century by miners and homesteaders, this historic trail carves its path through the rock cliffs, offering views of the Rogue River Canyon unchanged for over a century.

As you walk the same paths as these early explorers, under the protection of federal preservation efforts, you’ll witness scenes of natural splendor that remain as they were a hundred years ago.

Our guided tour elevates this experience, ensuring you enjoy every moment without the weight of your gear. With professional hiking guides leading the way and rafts for luggage transfer, you’re free to focus on the journey, the panoramas, and nature’s serenity.

The option to hop on a raft gives you the flexibility to engage with the canyon as you wish, making the adventure accessible and enjoyable for all.

Each evening, unwind in wilderness lodges that promise comfort in the heart of the forest. With soft beds, hot showers, and family-style meals, the lodges offer a perfect end to each day’s journey.

Our unique approach to the Rogue River Trail adventure ensures that everyone can experience the grandeur of the river canyon in style.

Whether you’re hiking the entire trail or opting for a leisurely raft ride, our trip guarantees the vacation of a lifetime.


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